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Whether you're looking to buy, rent, sell, or value your home in Harwell, our property consultants at our Didcot estate agents office are here to help you search through our selection of properties for sale in Harwell. Over the past 18 years, Church Robinson, which has been in operation since 2005, has helped thousands of customer across Oxfordshire.

As a business, we believe in strong values; not only maximising the value of your home but remaining true to our aim of looking after the interests of our customers. We pride ourselves on providing real and honest communication so that you will value the experience of selling or letting your home with us as much as we value acting for you.


Living in Harwell

Living in the village of Harwell offers a peaceful and tight-knit community experience amidst the rolling countryside. With a history dating back to Saxon times, Harwell retains its quaint charm while embracing modern comforts.

Harwell's old architecture can be seen throughout the streets, which are dotted with quaint cottages. The village centre, which has a local pub, shops, and a welcoming ambience, serves as a hub for social interaction.

As the village of Harwell is surrounded by stunning landscapes and green spaces, nature lovers will find comfort there. There are many opportunities for leisurely walks and outdoor exploration on nearby footpaths and trails.

Harwell is well-connected, with easy access to neighbouring towns and cities. The nearby Harwell Science and Innovation Campus adds a unique dimension, fostering a diverse and innovative atmosphere in the village.


Brief History of Harwell

Harwell has a rich history dating back to Saxon times. Its name originates from "Hergeuuelle," an Old English term meaning "spring frequented by herons." The village was mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086, indicating its importance in medieval England. Throughout the centuries, Harwell evolved as an agricultural centre, with farming and weaving playing vital roles. The construction of the Church of All Saints in the 13th century attests to its longstanding religious significance. In more recent history, Harwell became renowned for its Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, a hub of scientific research and technological advancement. Today, Harwell stands as a blend of historical heritage and modern innovation, capturing the essence of Oxfordshire's rich cultural tapestry.

Facts about Harwell

  • Saxon Wall: The village's original Saxon boundary wall can still be seen near Manor Farm, offering a tangible link to its early origins.

  • Historical Timber-Framed Houses: Some of the village's timber-framed houses date back to the 16th century, adding a touch of historical charm to Harwell's architecture.

  • Village Cross: The village features a 14th-century stone cross known as the "Harwell Cross," a historic landmark that once marked an important meeting point.

  • Dinosaur Footprint: A dinosaur footprint, believed to be from the Jurassic period, was discovered in a quarry near Harwell in the 19th century.

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