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Our property specialists at our Didcot estate agents office are here to assist you look through our collection of properties for sale in Wallingford, whether you're wanting to buy, rent, or sell your home in Wallingford or you'd like to arrange an expert valuation. In business since 2005, Church Robinson has assisted thousands of customers with all their property needs over the past 18 years.

As a business, we believe in strong values; not only maximising the value of your home but remaining true to our aim of looking after the interests of our customers. We pride ourselves on providing real and honest communication so that you will value the experience of selling or letting your home with us as much as we value acting for you.


Living in Wallingford

Living in Wallingford combines old-world beauty with modern convenience. This charming village, which is nestled on the banks of the River Thames, offers a peaceful and pleasant environment. One distinctive quality of Wallingford is its natural beauty. The River Thames offers opportunities for relaxing, boating, and riverfront strolls. During the warmer months, residents flock to the community's outdoor pool, which offers a welcome opportunity to cool off.

For families, Wallingford offers reputable schools and recreational facilities, making it an ideal place to raise children. Museums, art galleries, and historical sites contribute to a culturally enriching experience. 

Transport links connect Wallingford to nearby towns and cities, ensuring accessibility while preserving the town's peaceful ambience. The proximity to Oxford and Reading provides additional options for work and leisure.


Brief History of Wallingford

Wallingford has a long and illustrious history. Archaeological discoveries clearly demonstrate that it was formerly a Saxon settlement. Under King Alfred the Great, it developed into a fortified town in the ninth century. Wallingford Castle was built there in the 11th century, which increased its significance as a defensive bastion. The history of Wallingford is preserved in the city's architecture, streets, and landmarks, maintaining a rich past that still influences the city's identity today.


Facts about Wallingford

  • Wallingford Bridge: The 900-year-old Wallingford Bridge, crossing the River Thames, has been a vital transportation link since medieval times, connecting the town with nearby regions.

  • Saxon Origins: Wallingford's name derives from its Saxon roots, meaning "ford of Wealla's people," reflecting its early history as a river crossing settlement.

  • Battle of Wallingford: The town played a role in the English Civil War, experiencing a significant skirmish known as the "Battle of Wallingford" in 1646.

  • Magna Carta Connection: Wallingford was one of the towns where negotiations surrounding the Magna Carta took place in 1215, contributing to the document's development.

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