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Whether you’re looking to sell your home, buy or rent your property in Wantage & Grove, or you'd like to book an expert valuation, our property experts based at our Didcot estate agents branch are here to help you explore our selection of properties for sale in Wantage & Grove. Established in 2005, Church Robinson is one of the leading estate agents covering Wantage & Grove and the surrounding area, helping thousands of customers over the last 18 years.

As a business, we believe in strong values; not only maximising the value of your home but remaining true to our aim of looking after the interests of our customers. We pride ourselves on providing real and honest communication so that you will value the experience of selling or letting your home with us as much as we value acting for you.


Living in Wantage & Grove

Wantage has a historical ambiance and is commonly referred to as the "birthplace of King Alfred the Great." It has a quaint village feel typical of England, replete with cobblestone streets, lovely homes, and even a mediaeval market square. The town's connections to King Alfred give it an appealing historical edge, and you can delve into local history at the Vale and Downland Museum.

Now, just down the road, you'll find Grove. With more recent house constructions and contemporary amenities, this village has a more modern feel. Grove is renowned for its welcoming atmosphere and sense of community. It is a convenient and cosy place to live because there are parks, schools, and stores that cater to daily necessities.

Both Wantage and Grove are surrounded by stunning Oxfordshire countryside, so you can enjoy the picturesque surroundings right outside your door. Plus they are not too far away from more larger towns and the city of Oxford, making it simple to satisfy your metropolitan cravings when you need them.


Brief History of Wantage & Grove

Wantage has a rich history dating back to Roman times, evidenced by archaeological finds. The town gained prominence as the birthplace of King Alfred the Great in the 9th century. Wantage's market charter, granted in the 13th century, contributed to its development as a market town. The historic Wantage Market Place has been a focal point for trade and community gatherings.

Grove, adjacent to Wantage, emerged in the mid-19th century as a village centred around farming and agriculture. Its name derives from the groves of trees that once characterised the area. Over time, Grove has evolved with the establishment of housing estates, schools, and modern amenities, transforming it into a thriving residential community.

Today, both Wantage and Grove embody a blend of historical significance and modern convenience, offering a glimpse into the past while catering to contemporary lifestyles

Facts about Wantage & Grove

  • Alfred the Great's Birthplace: Wantage is widely believed to be the birthplace of King Alfred the Great, a significant historical figure who defended England against Viking invasions.

  • Dickens' Inspiration: Charles Dickens is said to have visited Wantage and found inspiration for a scene in his novel "Bleak House" from the town's atmospheric settings.

  • Hidden Ice House: The Millbrook Square area in Grove is home to a hidden 18th-century ice house, used to store ice and food in the days before refrigeration.

  • Historic Water Pump: A historic water pump, known as the "Pump House," still stands in Grove, providing a glimpse into the village's past water supply system.

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