How To Decorate Your Home at Christmas when it’s on the Market

News at Church Robinson | 11/12/2023

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and with Christmas fast approaching it’s time to dust off the baubles, untangle the lights and decorate the tree ready for the festive period. With all the festive cheer around, nothing quite beats the feeling of decorating the house with Christmas classics playing and mulled wine brewing. 

When your house is on the market, can Christmas decorations put people off buying your house? We don’t want to sound too much like Scrooge, but decorations can impact the appeal of your property – bah humbug!

But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you need to leave the house bare! Here are our best tips for decorating your house this Christmas, even when you’re trying to sell it.

Keep the inflatables in the loft

Whilst you might like to stand out in the neighbourhood at Christmas with the eccentric displays and giant inflatables in the garden, it might be a good idea to give the outdoor decorations a miss, just for this year!

Although inflatable Santas and singing reindeer are fun to have, kerb appeal is very much a real thing when it comes to selling your property. 68% of buyers said that kerb appeal was an important consideration when viewing a house, and most buyers decide whether they want to buy your property within the first few minutes of arriving. Therefore, we recommend keeping the outdoor décor in the loft this year, and if you absolutely must have some outdoor decorations, opt for more classic lighting.

Clear the clutter

This one goes without saying, but with all the decorations and gifts lying around, the home can often feel a little cluttered at Christmas. Here are some ways you can keep the house clutter free:

  • Do a big pre-Christmas clean to remove any mess
  • Anything you’re not using regularly, store it away during the festive period
  • Don’t try to fit a huge tree into a small space! Buy a tree that fits in to the space you have. Whether fake or real, trees come in all shapes and sizes so there’s plenty for you to choose from
  • Don’t go overboard on the displays - whilst Nativity scenes and Christmas Villages are wonderful additions at Christmas, try to keep these to a minimum to avoid the sides looking too messy.
  • Store away any excess furniture in the garage or a shed if the rooms are feeling too cluttered with all the decorations around

Simple, but Festive

Colour schemes and Christmas themes can be years in the making for many people, and whilst it is the perfect opportunity to show off your personal taste, this year consider sticking to neutral or more simple colour schemes that compliment your home.

Too many colours may overwhelm viewers, whilst also adding to the cluttered feel. We recommend keeping lights a beautiful warm white and if you must add colour, 1 or 2 colours that compliment your home is plenty.

Festive Fragrances

The shops are filled with an abundance of Christmas candles, from Mulled Wine to Firewood Spice, there is a festive fragrance for every mood! Festive candles are a great way to entice your viewers, especially with scents like cinnamon or baked cookies to create a warm homely feel. One lit candle is more than enough to give your home a soft scent around every room.

So, there we have it, our top tips for you to feel festive at home, even when it is on the market!

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