Property Investment

Are you considering buying an investment property in Didcot and the South Oxfordshire area?


With more people entering the private rental sector than ever before it means that tenants are staying longer, more tenancies are being renewed and rents are increasing year on year.  This means lower void periods and greater returns over time for landlords.

And with particularly attractive buy-to-let mortgage rates, now is a great time to be a landlord.


6 Reasons why you should use Church Robinson to But-To-Let

1) We understand that investing in property can be very rewarding, and have the knowledge and expertise to advise landlords on how to make the most of their investment.

2) We can provide financial advice via an independent financial advisor, to ensure the very best buy-to-let mortgages and insurance products are secured.

3) We offer accurate and honest property appraisals on any property being considered for investment, including a breakdown of how a price is calculated.

4) For every new property we take on, we carry out thorough rental appraisals and valuations to help landlords understand the levels of management required.

5) We advise on property purchase prices, expected returns as well as offer rental return and property appreciation forecasts for 5 and 10 year periods.

6) We help you realise your property’s potential, focusing on helping you find the right tenant and the right rental price, quickly, even when there are tenants in situ.

To discuss your property investment options in more detail call our lettings manager Amanda Winfield on 01235 816222.