Let's get ready to let for Easter

News at Church Robinson | 16/02/2023

When to rent your property 

Relaxing over the holidays will inevitably get people thinking about their home and whether or not they should be making a move. Long weekends like the Easter holidays are therefore a great chance to capitalise on people scrolling through properties on their phone whilst full of Easter eggs and chocolate! Which means if you are thinking about renting out your property, now could be the perfect time to start planning and thinking about how to capitalise on these opportunities. 

To go into even more detail about the best time to advertise your rental property, research from OpenRent Landlord Hub indicates that being tactical about which day your advert goes live can make a big difference to how the audience responds, with Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday leading to a “steady, high supply of enquiries”. Further evidence that Easter Monday could be the perfect chance to catch a chocolate fueled audience considering their next steps! 

Why you should consider renting your property 

There are a wide range of reasons to considering renting out your property, these include: 

  • New income streams and increasing cash flow - renting is a great way to open up a new revenue stream, especially if the property has a low mortgage. 
  • Lifestyle changes such as working abroad, relocating or starting a new job - renting your property could create opportunities to ease into these lifestyle changes, benefiting from the potential income streams listed above and, perhaps, the ability to purchase a home in a new location as a result of this new income. 
  • Long-term security of owning another property - rental properties also provide excellent security for landlords if they ever need to sell to release capital or move in should their circumstances change. 
  • Short-term Tax Advantages - there are great tax benefits to owning a rental property, with landlords potentially able to deduct mortgage interest and real estate taxes. 
How Church Robinson can help 

The team at Church Robinson understands that every property and landlord is different and that landlords let a property for a variety of reasons. We work with a variety of landlords including:
  • First time landlords - landlords renting a property for the first time with no prior experience 
  • Experienced landlords - a landlord who has owned and let a property for at least the last six months 
  • Accidental landlords - a landlord that finds themselves owning a property they can let due to unexpected circumstances, for example inheritance 
  • Portfolio landlord - a landlord renting four or more properties 
  • Overseas landlord - a landlord owning a rental property in the UK but living abroad outside the UK for a period of 6 months or more. 
No matter what type of landlord you are now (or what type of landlord you are likely to become), the key is careful planning and an agent that you can trust. 

We will work with you to ensure that becoming/being a landlord is as stress-free as possible. Our dedicated and qualified lettings team will use their experience and expertise to support you every step of the way. 

About Church Robinson 

As leading local estate agents in Didcot and with sister offices in Newbury, Lambourn, Marlborough and Devizes, we are best placed to help you let or sell your property. We can even help you find your next home.

By offering a personalised service we can tailor the sale and timeline to your requirements as we don’t believe the ‘one size fits all’ approach works in this industry.

The way we work is very transparent with a clear sales process, so you know what to expect. This is especially useful if this is your first time selling a house. Contact us today to find out how we can help you sell your home, and for advice and guidance on the local area.