Pioneering Sustainability: Jones Robinson's Remarkable Net Zero Journey

News at Church Robinson | 25/03/2024

In a significant leap towards a greener future, we are thrilled to announce the successful completion of our latest emissions assessment. This achievement not only underscores our steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility but also marks an impressive stride in our ongoing journey to reduce our carbon emissions at source year on year.

Our company's unwavering dedication to sustainability goes beyond meeting environmental goals – we aim to surpass them year after year, and have made commendable progress in reducing our carbon footprint for our 2022 assessment, compared with our 2021 assessment.

To offset the remaining emissions, we are actively supporting three impactful initiatives, aligning our corporate responsibility with global sustainability objectives:

- A Safe Water Programme in Zambia, contributing to providing clean and safe water to communities in need


- In Guatemala, a project to help combat deforestation, playing a pivotal role in preserving crucial ecosystems

- A Wind Farm initiative in Thailand, championing clean and renewable energy sources.

Charles Robinson, founder of Jones Robinson Estate Agents, commented, "We are delighted to have achieved net zero and are proud to witness the positive outcomes of our efforts to reduce emissions. It's not just a responsibility for us; it's a privilege to contribute to a sustainable future. We believe in leading by example and hope to inspire others in our industry to embrace environmentally conscious practices."

This significant milestone underscores our dedication to corporate social responsibility and environmental stewardship. By actively participating in projects addressing global challenges such as access to clean water, deforestation, and renewable energy, we are making a tangible impact on creating a more sustainable and resilient future for communities worldwide.

As we continue our net zero journey, we remain committed to exploring innovative solutions, adopting eco-friendly practices, and collaborating with like-minded partners to further reduce our environmental impact, and are encouraging our customers and suppliers to join us in the collective pursuit of a greener and more sustainable world.

Look out for more updates on our sustainability initiatives soon!

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