Winter Maintenance Checklist

News at Church Robinson | 01/11/2022

With temperatures dropping further with every passing day, this is the time to check that your property is ready for the onset of winter. Our Head of Property Management & Lettings Operations, Anna Lyons, shares our useful winter checklist, highlighting certain precautions required to avoid frost damage, burst pipes and leaks which are possible at this time of year.



The number one priority for property maintenance going into winter should be the heating system. Don’t wait until it’s needed - test it now:

  • Check the radiators to ensure they turn on and off and radiate heat effectively – For help with bleeding radiators, click HERE
  • Clean fireplaces, wood-burning stoves and ensure chimneys are swept in preparation for use
  • Ensure that oil tanks have a sufficient level of oil, if the oil runs out then an engineer will be required to clear the tank at your cost as this can cause ongoing damage
  • Please remember to leave the heating and hot water on whilst your property is vacant to prevent pipes freezing as this can cause burst pipes and leaks 

To reduce the chances of mould from forming ensure the property is heated and well-ventilated during the winter months, and by using extractor fans to keep your property warm and dry.


As the water circulating through the plumbing system gets colder, it can freeze inside the pipes, which naturally causes a lot of issues.

  • Check that you know the location of the stopcocks so the water supply can be turned off if required
  • Pay particular attention to outside taps, please turn off the water supply all together to outside taps or please ensure that they are insulated

Gardens and Exterior

The front and back gardens shouldn’t be neglected, even though the cold temperatures will restrict the growth of plants and shrubs.

  • Trim bushes
  • Prune trees
  • Rake fallen leaves from your lawn to prevent the grass dying
  • Stow lawn equipment and summer activity equipment inside or in a garden shed for the winter
  • Ensure all gutters are cleared of debris and leaves
  • Ensure any exterior lights are in working order